Massive update on ARTv2 progress. / by Jeremy Ernst

It's been a long time since an update, and a lot of changes have gone into ARTv2. These changes aren't out for grabs yet, but I wanted to show what progress has been made. Probably the biggest change that has been requested for a long time, is support for Y-up. ARTv2 now works in Y or Z up!

The first changes are on the rigging side, with a completed chain module, improvements to the arm module, and some other new features.

The next large batch of changes have been for animation. Lots of new tools! Take a look!

I'm still not entirely sure what the final platform will be for releasing these tools. Whether it will be github, or the UE4 marketplace, or something else entirely. I want to thank again, Epic Games, for allowing me to take these tools with when I left and also, Riot Games, for allowing me to continue to share the work I do on them with the community. 

The next feature I am working on right now is the pose library. I'll do some updates on that when I have more to show. I feel like once that feature is in, and it's been battle tested in a few different versions of Maya and on different operating systems, I could do an initial release. Hopefully, that means within 2 months time, these tools will be out and available for free.

Also, thanks to Ky Bui for providing the new proxy geometry and associated physique shapes!