ARTv2 Space Switcher Updates / by Jeremy Ernst

Over the holiday break, I worked on some updates to the space switcher, which was originally written back in February of 2018. This was to address some feedback from animation at work and to fix issues with cycles happening even if spaces were inactive (for instance, if you had a space on the hand for a weapon, and a space on the weapon for the hand, this would cycle, even if only one of those spaces were active). The updates implemented changes to address these issues and I ended up re-designing the system from scratch, rewriting most of the code, and redesigning the interfaces to be much simpler.

I forgot to point it out in the video, but when creating global spaces, you can save and load those out as templates. So if you just want to create a template for your project for your space switch setup, you can do that. It’s also scriptable, so when building the rig, you can also just add a call to that class, passing in the template file, and it will build the spaces as part of the rig build.

Check it out and let me know what you think :) (Hopefully, the animators at work like the updates!)

(Oh, and since it keeps coming up, there are two major things left to do before releasing. The first, is to document the hell out of everything. That’s in-progress. The second, is to make sure the updater tool is still working, since it’s been about two years since I wrote it :/ Once both those are done, it’s going live!)