ARTv2 Now on Github! (and other news) / by Jeremy Ernst

An alpha build of ARTv2 is now up on Github! This build is not fully feature complete, but if you're interested in testing the tools out and seeing what's there, or using it as a starting point to build from for your own pipeline, then go grab it! You'll have to have your github ID linked with Epic.

Once the tools are feature complete (for a minimal viable product), they will be released on the Unreal Engine Marketplace for free. That should happen later this year. In terms of reaching MVP, there isn't too much left. Below is what is needed before it will go onto the marketplace:

  • Chain Module
  • Pose Library Tool
  • Space Switcher Tool
  • Full Documentation

Now, for the other news. I am leaving Epic Games. At the beginning of the year, I definitely didn't think I'd be saying that, but I was offered a really great opportunity. In a couple months, I will be heading to Riot Games as a Principal Technical Artist. If you're concerned about ARTv2, don't be! Epic has been amazing with all of this and is letting me continue development of the tools. I was blown away by this gesture. So I will be continuing to work on them and then release them on the UE4 Marketplace for free when they are farther along. It's a win-win for everyone! I get to take the tools with me on my new adventure, Epic gets to still get updates on the tools, and the UE4 community will also be getting the tools!