Animation Picker Complete, Import/Export Motion Complete! / by Jeremy Ernst

Things are really starting to pick up! Progress is moving along nicely now.

The Animation Picker has been completed. Bugs have been fixed and functionality is all in place! At this point, the only thing that needs to be done is build each module's "picker" so that it can then be added to the canvas.


The next thing that was worked on was being able to export FBX motion out. The major improvements here, over V1, is that the speed of the export is insanely quick now. I made a lot of optimizations to improve the speed. The other thing added was the ability to also export the mesh from this tool. All settings made per character are also saved and remembered, so everytime the tool is reopened, the interface populates with those settings.

Lastly, I just wrapped up import motion today! This imports and FBX onto the rig (for things like mocap). Each module has its own settings on how it will import the data onto its controls. This means that only the controls needed for the given import method will get data. For the leg, I can choose None, FK, IK, or both. If I choose FK, only the FK controls will get data/keys. For the root, I can choose to import No motion, or I can import the root motion onto either the offset, master, or root control. The benefit of being able to choose None for each module, means that you can specify which modules will get motion, so you can combine mocap for upper/lower body, or whatever you'd want to do there.

Next up, I'll work on the matching tool, then onto the Single Joint module :)