A.R.T update #2 / by Jeremy Ernst

Hello again!

This week's update is a little weaksauce since I've been busy working on some of our games instead of the tools the past couple weeks. I've hired two more senior level technical animators to help out with the work load we have here, so that will free up tons of time to work on tools! 

So new stuff this time around is I've got some of the toolbar buttons working now, and I've got a bunch of new UI functionality as well as the leg joint mover going. I explain it in the video, but the reason you're still only seeing a leg is that I'm working on all of the base functionality that all of the modules will use, and the leg is my test module for all of that. Once all of that base functionality is done though, getting the rest of the modules hooked up will be really quick!

Here's this update's video. It goes over a lot of how the code is setup and talks about the base class functionality pretty in-depth, so if talk of code bores you, look away now :)