The current effort is refactoring the code and documenting and writing unit tests as I go. For people uninterested in diving into the code, this won’t be a big deal to you, but for anyone looking to dive in and extend, the refactor will help a ton. The beta version right now is a bit of a mess. There is plenty of code duplication, giant classes, and a lack of separation of concerns. This refactor also redefines the terminology used throughout the tools. If you are interested in extending ARTv2 for your own pipeline, I would highly recommend waiting until the refactor is done.

(Thanks to Chad Vernon for his awesome blog posts on unit testing in Maya!)

Source Control

After the code refactor is done, I’ll be adding source control integration with Perforce.

New Modules

There are plans to build a camera module that will interface with UE4, a driven joint module (like a leaf joint, but doesn’t build a rig), a hind leg module, and a face module. Other modules may be added over time.


Extensive video tutorials will be added over time.