ARTv2 is the successor to ARTv1, which can be found on the UE4 marketplace. Designed to work with UE4 from the start, it can build rigs compatible with the Epic Games UE4 skeleton. Unlike ARTv1, v2 is a modular rigging system, enabling rig creation outside of simple bipeds. An entire suite of rigging and animation tools is included. Check them out!


Beta Version

Due to high demand, I’ve decided to release ARTv2 in its current state. This version of ARTv2 is considered a beta. There is still a lot of code refactoring and documentation that is happening along with some new features that will be added. As such, when the final version is released, there will be significant structural and code changes as well as documentation. This is being released as WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) and I will not be doing any support, so I can continue to work on the refactored final version.


Features Overview


Rigging Tools

ARTv2 was designed to be user-friendly for everyone, not just riggers. It has a modular framework where each module builds the joints, the rig, contains proxy geometry for the module, and contains the logic for interacting with the animation tools. Everything is currently written in Python, allowing developers to extend or create their own modules.


Animation Tools

ARTv2 comes with many animation tools aimed to increase efficiency and designed hand-in-hand with animators to ensure their ease of use.



If you’re curious to know what features are coming or where progress is on certain features, check out the road-map.